Aviate Launcher Review and Get Invitation Code

There are a lot of personalization apps out there in the Google Play market. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find out the best app for your very own Android smartphone. There is a new app launched named Aviate which will personalize your smartphone and make it look awesome. Aviate is a unique in itself app which comes with a lot of advanced features.

Aviate Launcher Review and Get Invitation Code

Like other home screen launcher app this app doesn’t come with a different screen as there is no screen in this app. The primary home screen of your smartphone will come with widgets and apps which you use daily. There won’t be any more room for more icons or widgets as all the unnecessary home screens are removed in this app.

Features of Aviate Launcher

There are some great features which we saw in Aviate. When your alarm goes off in the morning the first app which you open every day will be opened itself. Like if I like to use Facebook once my alarm goes off, Aviate will automatically launch Facebook as soon as your alarm goes off. The primary screen of your smartphone keeps on changing from time to time. If you are travelling Aviate will suggest you music, other apps to use on your way to destination.

One of the notable feature of this particular app is that the home screen is divided into grid of cards. Depending on the necessity as well as the demand of the situation you can either add or minus the cards .This feature however adds to one of the setback of this product. The application provides for upto 5 grids at a time, now at times the dimensions for each widgets may be different altogether. That’s when the problem arrives. Because of the difference in their dimensions some of them might became so thin and absurd that they are rendered unusable. This particular problem can be easily solved though by just using two widgets at the same time

In a way Aviate will keep a track of the apps which you are using and will set priorities. It will automatically launch the apps which are relevant to your current surroundings. If you are out on a dinner or you are nearby an restraunt Aviate will automatically launch applications which you can use at that time, if you are out for eating it will launch Foursquare so that you can check-in, if you are returning to your home from office, Aviate will launch Navigation apps. If Aviate launches an unnecessary app you can fix it manually.

 It’s app folders are also among its interesting features . The most important feature of the apps are that their unique ability to expand and they are accessible on the second screen as well as on the third screen as well.

Use the spaces slide menu to find the settings of your smartphone. Aviate is an ideal app for the people who don’t do much on their smartphones. After a few days of using Aviate the app will itself set all the apps which you are using on your home screen according to the priority of your using them.

The most interesting feature of this application has to be its ability to act as a forerunner in case of our choices or our needs. The main screen eventually switches between various displays taking into consideration their respective themes.

You can even try on to change or edit the main homescreen of your phone. You can either use it show any images that you may prefer or any widgets or you could even mix them together to create a unique effect.
There are two themes,a darker one or a lighter one among which you can choose.

Aviate Launcher Invitation Code

Aviate is currently on invite mode, which means you need an activation code to unlock aviate. Aviate allows to send invite code to 5 friends, So to get invite code what you need to do is just share this post on any Social Network and  comment below your email id. I will give one or two invitation code to first two commenter and they will invite using their Aviate to person who comments below them. This will continue the chain and all gets Invitation code.

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