Best ePub Reader for Windows, Mac and Android Devices

Epub short for electronic publication  is a free and open ebook. There are a lot of people who like to read eBooks on their computers, smartphones. Finding the best ePub readers can be tricky sometimes as there are a lot of readers available.


Today in this post, we will tell you some of the best ePub Readers which you can use on Windows, Mac and Android smartphones.

Windows ePub Readers

Adobe Digital Editions – Adobe Digital Editions is a great ePub reader which you can use on your Windows Operating System. If you are looking for a best ePub reader, this is the one which you should choose. It is free to use and you can add multiple bookmarks to your electronic publication. It supports multiple eBooks formats which includes EPUB and PDF/A.

Adobe Digital Editions is actually an ebook reader program entirely from the Adobe system. It was built using the Adobe flash before. It is mostly used for reading as well managing the ebooks, you can also use it to acquire any ebooks, digital newspapers or even other digital publications. It is actually the successor to the well known Adobe ebook reader.

The particular application supports XHTML, PDF as well as contents related to Flash. It can be also used to sharing of documents between multiple computer via the proprietary scheme of Digital Rights Management. It also facilitates for the user authentication through their very own Adobe ID.

Sony Reader – The second reader which you can use on your Windows operating system is Sony Reader. You can read all your favorite eBooks with the help of this software. Not only you can read, but you can also sync them with your Sony devices like smartphones or tablets. If you are having access to a digital library you can use Sony Reader to read books.

MAC ePub Readers

Stanza Desktop – So coming to MAC, these are the best ePub Readers which we suggest our readers to use. Read your favorite ebooks or publications on your MAC operating system using Stanza Desktop. Stanza Desktop comes with one unique feature and that is it can convert your documents which are not in ePub formats into various popular ePub formats. If you are using any other Apple device you can easily transfer files without using iTunes.

Well it is indeed without any doubt that ebooks indeed are the future and it goes without saying that some day we might just witness the reader wars just as we are witnessing the browser wars that takes place more often on the internet.
This particular ebook called the Stanza can easily be cited as anything but an early entrant to this very market of ebooks.

The most notable features of stanza being its neat and a well organized interface which fully complies you to read or view any kind of digital publications whether it is an electronic book or a daily newspaper or any PDF as well as any web contents. You should keep in mind that its elegance is simply derived from the fact that it is meant actually for Mac.

Some of the advantages includes  supports  to a variety of formats and a myriad of customization options on top of that it is also very easy to navigate and it supports some DRM eBooks too

Calibre – Calibre is a free ePub reader for MAC. Just like Stanza Desktop, Calibre also allows you to convert files into different formats in fact you can also convert .docx documents into ePub format using Calibre. You can also manage your entire collection of books very easily using Calibre. It is similar to iBooks which you might be using in your iOS devices.

Android ePub Reader

Google Play Books – If you like to read electronic publications on your Android smartphone we have got a special app which you would like to use. Google Play Books by Google is a great ePub reader app which you can use on your Android powered smartphones. Browse from a wide range of available eBooks in the Google Store. Whenever you read any page which you were reading, the next time you will start reading it will resume from the same page, in fact the same paragraph. Most of the formats are compatible with Google Play Books.

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