Flappy Bird FOR PC

Flappy Bird is an arcade and action game created by .GEARS Studios. This is a maddening game which is addictive enough that you will surely keep glued to your device. Flappy Bird is a fun- filled game with a simple 8- bit setup. It is like a digital drug which keeps you so engulfed that you will keep playing until the bird is dead, again and again.

flappy birdsIn this game, you have to navigate a bird through tunnels and you have to keep tapping the screen in order to make the bird fly. For each tunnel that you pass, your score will be incremented by one. This is one of the toughest arcade and action games and you will not be surprised to even make a score of one in the first few attempts. The concept of this game is far from reality and at times, the crazy bird dies without any reason. Also, the game glitches at times.


The graphics in this game are not up to the mark and colours used are also disgustingly bright. The visuals are childish and Game Over occasionally pops to make you feel like a stupid kid. You can play Flappy Bird on your PC using Bluestacks or its online version. Flappy Bird on Bluestacks server will come after few days since game is new, So you wont be able to get it on Bluestacks using search option. Below are two methods to play Flappy Birds on PC 1. Using online version 2. Using Bluestack Version

Online Flash Version

Below are two online Flash version of Flappy Birds Games. I will suggest to play using first link because it is similar to Android or iOS version of this game.

1.  Click to Play Flappy Bird for PC Flash Game

Steps to Play Flappy Birds on PC Using apk file

flappy bird bluestacks player

Most of the times after installing Bluestacks you will be asked to download Android market to continue installing android games. But if you have .apk file of game or apps then you can directly double click on .apk file and it will be installed on Bluestacks. For downloading .apk use google search with game name or follow below link.

flappy bird bluestacks

Below are the steps to be followed to install Flappy Bird on your PC using bluestacks. Below method will work only after few days because right now flappy birds for pc is not available on Bluestacks but can be installed using after downloading Flappy Birds .apk file.

Step- 1: How to download Bluestacks on PC

Bluestacks is an Android app player using which you can play and use all games and apps that are part of the Android Play Store. It can be successfully downloaded in both online and offline modes.

Refer to this link for installing Bluestacks in offline mode.

Step- 2: How to install Flappy Bird on PC using Bluestacks

Now that you are done with installing Bluestacks, you can start downloading Flappy Bird on PC. Follow these easy steps:

  •  In Bluestacks, go to the search field.
  • Type “Flappy Bird” in this field.
  • Now click on the Install button to start installing this game.

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  • Once this is done, the game will start downloading.
  • After this process completes, you are now ready to play Flappy Bird on your PC.

Flappy Birds Tips and Tricks

A lot of people share their scores on social media websites and the average maximum score which most of the people are able to make is 15-40. Today in this post we are going to share Flappy Birds Tips and Tricks with you.

Play the game on a tablet

It is better to play this game on a tablet as you might find it a bit complicated to play this game on your smartphones. Your thumb could lead to problems sometimes while playing this game on your smartphones. Tablets come with big screens which give you the benefit for easy gameplay.

Use Short & Measured Taps

If you tap quickly then you would be easily able to play this game. On tapping fast you can avoid getting hit by the green pipes. When you see a pipe in front of you tap one or two times.

Watch out for the corners

If you are tapping fast then there is probability that you might get hit by the corners. You should tap accordingly so that you can easily clear out the pipes as well as you are not hit by the corners.

Blink Carefully

Think before you blink in this game. If you blink at the wrong time you might get hit by an obstacle. If you are going to start a new round, blink a lot of time before starting that so that you don’t have to blink in the game time.

Competing with Friends

Competing with friends will allow you to score harder easily. If you are competing with your friends and if they share your score with them then there is probability that you will also try play carefully and score harder.


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