3 Tips to Hack Someone’s Facebook Messages

Privacy is now the main issue when it comes to surfing on the web. One can easily steal personal information on the web without the user knowing it. In order to protect your information from getting in hands of unauthorized people, you need to first understand how it is done. So that you can protect it.

Facebook is widely used social networking site and it is also one of the first source for the hackers to steal personal information such as messages, photos and other sensitive stuffs. There are several ways of how to hack someones facebook messages. In this educational post I am going to guide you on the 3 most commonly used tactics so that you can learn and protect your account.Someone’s Facebook Messages

1:- The use of Phishing

Hackers will try to send a link via email or any other source and let you know that your account is being hacked and you need to update your password. The page normally looks exactly like facebook so that the user can be misled to grab the password. This is one of the most commonly used method. In order to protect your account from phishing attacks, always look on the address bar of your browser to make sure that the website address is FaceBook.com. If there is any extra word, for example FaceBoook.com with additional “O” or FaceBooke.com with the word “E” at the end OR any other word, then this a phishing site.

2:- Third Party Apps

Another method to hack users personal information including passwords, hackers can use third party softwares bundled with keyloggers to track your keyboard buttons. This helps them to collect all the words you write on your keyboard. Thus any password, credit card information or any other information you type is stored by the hackers and can be used to hack into your facebook or other secure accounts.

3:- Reset the Password Method

Hackers can try to gain access to your facebook messages by hacking your password via the Reset the Passsword Method. For this method to work, they need to know the security answers you have entered during your facebook registration. They can obtain this info either via phishing or via third party apps.

There are several other ways hackers can hack your facebook or any other account. Make sure to use strong password, and keep your secret answer secure. Also don’t install third party apps without scanning them via a reliable anti virus software.

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